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Olympus V3281300U000 HLD-6 Power Battery Holder w/ Grips GS-4

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  • Olympus V3281300U000 HLD-6 Power Battery Holder
  • Grips GS-4

The Olympus Power Battery Holder HLD-6 is a dust- and splash-proof battery holder / grip combination that has been designed especially for use with the Olympus E-M5. You can separate the unit into 2 parts: One fit for shooting in landscape orientation and the other better suited for portraiture. The landscape unit features an integrated shutter button, plus a dial for locking the grip onto the bottom of the E-M5. The portrait unit has a molded grip to ensure sturdy shooting while your camera is being held in the vertical (portrait) orientation, as well as a built-in shutter button and 2 built-in function buttons that can be programmed independently of those on the E-M5 body. It also includes a DC-IN jack for continuous powered shooting, which requires the optional AC-3 Power Adapter (not included). There’s also a compartment allowing for the storage of an optional additional BLN-1 lithium-ion battery. When shooting with the E-M5 and 2 batteries, you may select which battery to use first. Then, once that one is drained, the camera will start using the second, providing uninterrupted shooting.

* Grips GS-4

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Written by woodzelma28

May 21, 2013 at 7:39 pm

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