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indiSystem BULLDOG DSLR Three-in-one Shoulder Mount, Tripod Mount & Hand-held Rig

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  • Compact and light weight
  • Mounting holes for fluid head quick release plate
  • Fully Height adjustable rails and front handles
  • Three-in-one: Use as shoulder or tripod mount or hand carry
  • Shoulder pad with threaded accessory mounts

Small, compact, light, but packed with all the features needed for a three in one camera mount: Shoulder mount, tripod mounted, or hand held.

Has the “C” mount for attaching accessories like lights, microphones, and recorders. The “C” mount has 1/4″ threaded, and unthreaded holes for attaching the various devices.

When used in the hand held mode, it has the innovative BallGrip for stabilization. This mounts onto the carbon fiber rods. With the quick release plate, the camera can be removed quickly for storage or lens changes.

The rod mount is height adjustable. The 12″ carbon fiber rods are 15mm diameter and are 60mm center to center, industry standard.

The Bulldog is a light weight, feature heavy, camera mounting system that is tenacious as its namesake in getting the shot.

The new BallGrip is a point of contact that can be swiveled to allow your hand or palm to rest and support the camera while pulling focus hand held. Two sized ball points accommodate any hand or shooting style, and the adjustable swivel allows the BallGrip to fit your hand…almost like a glove. It mounts to the carbon fiber rod behind the camera in seconds, so when you want hand held, but are held back by unstable results, the BallGrip steadies your shot.


The Bull Dog has all necessary parts to be used shoulder mounted, on a tripod, or used hand-held

Under 5 pounds.
12″ Carbon Fiber Rods, 15mm diameter.
60mm off center rod spacing.
Adjustable rod height.
Foldable handles with comfort grips.
Adjustable shoulder pad with threaded 1/4″ threaded holes for attaching accessories.
Shoulder pad fixed distance.

“C” bracket:
Rail mounted.
Carry handle.
Multiple threaded and un-threaded holes for mounting accessories: Monitors, Lights, Recorders
Threaded holes underneath camera mount for attaching to fluid head.
Ball Grip for adjustable point of contact when using the Bull Dog hand-held.

Get cheap


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May 24, 2013 at 1:56 am

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